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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What's in for 2006, What's not Accepted: Prom Guidelines, Prom Rules!

Prom Guidelines

"Only juniors and seniors may attend Prom. This applies to non-Horizon guests as well as Horizon students.

If you desire to bring a junior or senior from another school, a “Guest Form” must be submitted to Mr. Jones no later than 1 week prior to the date of Prom. Forms are available in the School Office.

Proper Attire:
Modesty remains our highest priority.


Dresses must have straps. Spaghetti straps are allowable; “string” or “fishing line” type straps are not. One-strap, halter-style dresses and dresses above the knee require pre-approval from Administration. Backs of dresses must be mid back or higher.

Not appropriate:
Tight, form-fitting styles
Shear materials
High slits (nothing above the knee)
Bare midriff styles
Low V-necks or plunging necklines
Strapless dresses
Backless styles

When in doubt, get prior approval from Administration before Prom Night.

Gentlemen: If you are inviting a junior or senior guest from another school, you are responsible for her “proper” attire, as designated above. Be sure that your date is aware of these guidelines.

Important: Students out of compliance with this stated dress code will be sent home" (

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